What is Bentonite?
Bentonite, whose name originated from the Benton Formation in the Fort Benton Clays of Montana, is a rock made from a mixture of different clay minerals and the most important component, Montmorillonite. The proportion of Montmorillonite is 60-80%, which is noticeable in the high absorption and swelling capacity.
Our bentonite is well known for its whiteness, its high absorption capacity and its rich Montmorillonite content. Our bentonite is mainly used in the fields of cat litter, ceramics, medicine, peloid, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, food additives, quality paper, detergents, paint, foundry, construction, agriculture, etc.. Regardless of what use you need the bentonite for, our numerous mining sites enable us to have a very broad portfolio in terms of quality and areas of application.