Soil improver

Bentonite is now one of the most effective soil improvers for sandy and dry soils that can neither bind sufficient water nor nutrients. This is particularly noticeable in the hot summer months when the fields have to be watered more often than average and the majority of the water unfortunately seeps into the ground without being used. The inadequate supply of nutrients is ultimately noticeable in the lower yield.
However, this applies not only to agricultural products, but also to private gardens, public sports fields, parks or similar. Experience has shown that hobby gardeners always use fertilizer and irrigate  the areas more often than usual or necessary, which of course also has a negative effect on the environment and also still is associated with additional costs.
To counteract these annoyances and to protect our environment, bentonite is the perfect solution. The granules are simply scattered on the affected areas and act as a water reservoir for the plants, regardless of whether they are flowers, vegetables or just the lawn. If necessary, the plant draws the required amount of water and also increases the fertility of the soil. This also prevents overwatering of the plants.